BITT Course Helps Students Turn Everyday Items Into Life-Saving Tools

Original Article:
Original Date: 11/04/2014
Original Author: Kevin Landers

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Teachers across central Ohio are learning that everyday items that fit into a plastic sandwich container could save the lives of students should someone open fire inside a school. It’s part of a life-saving course designed by a Licking County man called “BITT” or Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment.

It was put to the test at Denison University.

“Go! Arms! Legs! Chest! Back!” yells instructor Troy Lowe, the creator of Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment.

Denison University employees are learning what it would take to save a life, by using these items found in a plastic container: a piece of cloth, a wood dowel and a plastic ring from a gallon milk jug.

Lowe says saving lives means keeping a cool head. “You stop the bleeding (and) you give them a 60 percent chance of survival.”

His course teaches how everyday products like a bicycle inner tube or an exercise band can be turned into a tourniquet.

“It’s a very mundane piece of equipment when you think about it, but it when it comes to saving a life, it’s really, really crucial,: says Lori Burrows, Denison employee.

Lowe says even feminine products can turn into lifesaving bandages, including tampons and sanitary napkins.

If a shooter was outside a door, Lowe says the first thing to do is run. If that is not an option, barricade the door. If you’re stuck inside and shot, Lowe says BITT training can save lives.

“The cool thing about the BITT training is when you teach it to students and teachers, it gives them a sense of empowerment. They are no longer the victims anymore,” adds Lowe.

He hopes his trauma classes will give teachers and students the confidence they need to help save lives and not freeze in terror. Lowe says he used his background as a SWAT medic to come up with the idea.

For more information on BITT, contact Troy Lowe at or by phone at 740-252-2956