Rescue task forces and tactical medics offer different, yet more aggressive approaches to active-shooter incidents than standing by until all is clear

Date: Jul 24, 2015
Author: Jim Morrissey
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There have been two major shifts in doctrine related to law enforcement operations in the last 10 years. The first shift is the aggressive pursuit of an active shooter with whatever assets happen to be on hand instead of waiting for a SWAT team.

The second major change is recognizing the need for emergency medical contingency planning. This includes training all tactical personnel and line officers in the basics of self-care and buddy care with the focus on bleeding control and the addition of a dedicated tactical medic.

An aspect of this doctrine shift is SWAT teams are increasingly including a dedicated tactical medical component and medical threat assessment as part of their organizational structure. The result is a tactical medic being assigned to the law enforcement team using one of several models.

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