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Fire Departments/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals respond to active attacker events regularly. It is important for local law enforcement and fire jurisdictions to have common tactics, communications capabilities, and terminology to have seamless, effective operations in an active attacker scenario. These are very volatile and dangerous situations where the goal for the first responders should be to plan, prepare, and respond in a manner that will save the maximum number of lives possible.

Experience and history show that most active attacker incidents are over before the first responders arrive on scene, or shortly thereafter. Extensive planning, recurring training, and coordinated operations are all required for optimal results. The general public, Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement, and medical professionals must work together in order to maximize survivability and minimize deaths due to an active attacker event.

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In order to maintain their proficiency, Fire/EMS personnel should actively review, evaluate, and revise their response plans with continued practice. Planning, coordination, communication and information sharing must be the goal of all first responders to such an incident. There must be a commitment to prepare and plan for such an incident before it occurs.

An important objective for all Fire/EMS personnel, when responding to an active attacker situation is to rapidly affect rescue, save lives, and enable operations with mitigated risk to personnel.

Our Silverback training courses have been developed to provide instruction and hands-on scenarios to deal with traumatic situations such as an active attacker event.

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