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Times have definitely changed for the Law Enforcement community. Situations have become more violent and are more random than ever before. Our Law Enforcement professionals around the country have had to develop new training programs and responses to new threats.

Because of these new threats over the years, Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams were created, along with specialized training to handle hostage and barricade situations. The weapons and tactics have had to evolve over the years to deal with these more aggressive violent attacks.

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Law Enforcement professionals have to continually fine-tune their training and response to an active attacker situation. Our Silverback training courses will help prepare officers for deadly force encounters, appropriate responses for static and dynamic tactical situations, and tactics for rapid deployment. Officers will learn how to setup a system of command to achieve a coordinated and effective incident response.

You will learn to develop the necessary proficiency by interacting in hands-on drills and scenario based training. Some of the areas we will focus on include: tactical scenarios, such as individual and team movements and operational formations. It is also critical for the responding officers to understand their responsibilities in an active attacker situation.

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