Help Support Sgt. Ponish with his fight against ALS

Sgt. John Ponish is a Marine Corps Veteran and a 13 year law enforcement officer of the Licking County Sheriff’s Office in Newark, Ohio. Sgt. Ponish has served and protected his entire adult life and now needs our support. After a long and trying year of various medical tests and doctor visits, John R. Ponish Jr. was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS. This disease currently has no cure and only one FDA approved medication which prolongs this disease only 3 months.
Following the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, there have been breakthroughs! Sgt. Ponish applied for the stem cell clinical trial at Emory University out of Atlanta. Unfortunately they refused him in the trial due to living further than 3 hours from the facility. John and his wife and three children were devastated with the news. There is ONE last hope. This is where they need your help!!!
There is a group of doctors from Stem Cell of America located in San Diego that are practicing stem cell therapy but perform the procedure across the border due to pending FDA approval. Due to this procedure not being FDA approved insurance will not cover the expense. The treatment itself is $15,000.
John needs this treatment now!
Please help fund the stem cell treatment for John so he can fight ALS!

Help Bring Radicava to the United States. People suffering from ALS shouldn’t have to wait until 2018! :

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