Local Firefighter’s School Security Invention Being Sold Around the Country

Original Article: Fox28 Columbus
Original Date: 09/15/2014
Original Author: Adam Aaro

091514 - Fox28 Columbus

ZANESVILLE (Adam Aaro) — A local firefighter and SWAT medic’s school security invention is now being sold across the country.

Bilco, a commercial products manufacturer, is now producing “The Barracuda Intruder Defense System” at its Zanesville production plant.

“The product is so simple that it’s one of those things that people say, I wish I’d thought of it,” said Lee Bugglin, Director of Residential Products Operations at the Zanesville plant.

In July we introduced you to Troy Lowe, a firefighter for the West Licking Fire Department and SWAT team medic with the Licking County Sheriff’s Office.

Lowe also teaches shooter response training programs but over the years he noticed similar reactions from people involved. “You’ll see the fine motor skills go away when you increase the pressure a little bit,” Lowe said.

So inside his garage a few years ago he came up with the concept for the Barracuda Intruder Defense System, which is a reinforced door security brace. Lowe says it’s lightweight and easy to deploy.

“The idea is to secure yourself inside the room without opening the door,” Lowe said.

There are a few different designs of the steel-based product, so you can apply it to an inward-facing door and an outward-facing door. And Lowe says the braces are strong.”When they were tested in the factory, the door failed before the devices did,” Lowe said. “There’s potential to save a lot of lives.”

Bilco says it’s already sold more than 500 of the devices around the country since they started selling them in July. The plant has added 9 positions to accommodate manufacturing them, and could add more if sales continue to grow.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls to our sales team, a lot of hits to our website a lot of conversations with our customers,” Bugglin said.