The National Tactical Officer Association Member Tested and Recommended ORIGINAL BITT KIT is made for the treatment of multiple victims following an attack. It is targeted to those with little to no medical background utilizing easy to follow directions and boldly marked pockets that match the life-saving gear to the wounds. THE ORIGINAL BITT KIT provides the information and gear for the resuer to immediately provide life-saving interventions which greatly increase the chances of survival. It is the “go to” trauma kit for businesses, churches, schools, public buildings, and basically any place people gather together.


  • STOP the bleeding:
    • Multiple tourniquet options (both commercial and improvised)
    • Multiple trauma dressings
    • Large trauma dressing
    • Multiple cravats
    • Multiple options with gauze, ABD’s, kling roll, elastic roll
    • Gloves
  • FIX the breathing:
    • Multiple chest seal options (commercial and improvised)
    • Tape
    • Gloves
  • ENORMOUS FRONT POCKET containing Emergency Operations Templates, Injured vs non-injured card (red/green), tarp and multi-trauma dressing with PLENTY OF ROOM to store additional equipment per user preference.
  • Large poster with step-by-step directions walking the user thru the treatments following proven protocols and guidance for communication with outside EMS.
  • Guides to aid in supplementation of EOP plan directed to classrooms and administration
  • Green/Red identifier for injured or non-injured
  • Scissors
  • Multiple rolls of tape in various sizes
  • Tarp for dragging, protection from window glass, privacy
  • Emergency Blanket

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 21 x 17 in


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