Silverback Tactical Medicine Training 01

Tactical Medicine Training with SWAT

Recently, Silverback was honored to train SWAT team members along with numerous civilian role players on tactical medicine. The training covered care under the different threat phases, officer down drills, self- aid, buddy aid, carries and drags, patient assessment, and a little mass casualty exercise, plus a little more. It was an exceptional toasty outside but both the operators and role players shined like rock stars knocking out drill after drill with minimal bitching:)

A big thanks to Tactical Weapons Training Group who were instrumental in providing location, additional shooters and safety officers as well as “blowing up” a vehicle to help with the mass casualty drill. The operators that run TWTG are true professionals and we encourage you to take a look at what they offer:

A very special thanks to Danville Fire Department for providing us Fire and EMS coverage during the training.

More to come….