Testimonials 2


“I have seen these products in social media. Being asked by the school administrator to evaluate a lockdown drill, I entered the facility and observed these products in use. The facility initiated the drill and within moments staff had secured the doors. This is an impressive and sound device that provides a substantial increase in life safety to an intruder threat. I encourage all educational institutions, industrial plants, offices, and/or businesses to review this product and implement with their intruder response planning.”

Russell Wells
Deputy Director of Emergency Services – Thomas Heyward Academy

“I recommend the Bitt Kit as the “go to” trauma bag for both the experienced medic and anyone who may face a medical emergency for the firsttime. The ingenious design, organizing each pocket by body part, makes it quick and easy to find the needed supplies. Bitt Kitt is the perfect tool to sustain life until help arrives.”
And you can quote me on that.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
Author of On Combat and On Killing
Internationally recognized law enforcement and school safety trainer

This is a realistic at it gets. Silverback’s active shooter training is not only laced with realism, it is the real deal and just about the most effective means of exposing the American populace to lifesaving maneuvers in the face of mass shootings, which are increasing in frequency by geometric progression every year. As a survivor of the Fort Hood Massacre in 2009, the largest scale mass shooting on any military installation in U.S. history, it is unmistakable that Silverback’s training modules comprise the very best training practices available anywhere to date. Had this training and BITT KITS been available to us through the Department of the Army in the face of grave danger and a complete absence of medical supplies, it is highly likely that there would have been many more survivors of this mass shooting. The Silverback instructors have dedicated their lives to the safety and security of the masses and to offering solutions for making at home alive in the face of mortal danger.

Dr. Kathy Platoni
COL (RET), US Army
COL, Ohio Military Reserve/State Defense Forces

As a survivor of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, I understand how important it is for people to have this training. Silverback implements training that is as close to realistic as you can get. There is no doubt that people that complete their training will be better prepared and increase their chances of survival and of saving lives. Staff are kind, supportive, and utilize a hands on approach in realistic conditions. During the attack at Fort Hood, there were no medical supplies available and we had to use shirts, hats, belts, and anything we could get our hands on. Products like the BITT KIT would have allowed us to better treat wounds on the scene. The instructors have a passion for what they teach and are truly experts in their field.
John Fry

I felt the training was very very helpful. I also believe that it should be mandatory for EVERYONE employed here to attend this training. We are ALL living in dangerous times and no matter where we are.. at work.. at the mall.. in church… etc. We need to have the information to do the best we can to get out alive and go home. Everyone in this agency should be trained as to what to do and how to alert others. If only a portion of us have any idea about what we need to do if this ever happened here, I feel we have a missing link that could impede everyone’s safety.

Jeanie Klockner

Behavioral Healthcare Partners of Central Ohio Inc.

I had the pleasure of meeting Troy at a Medical class in Youngstown, Ohio. Troy’s Background, knowledge & Gear of what it takes to make it through violent/traumatic events. He has simplified trama kits that a person with no medical background can access and treat others effectively. I will be purchasing these kits for my work and home. I will also be signing up for courses in the future with Troy.

Patrick Campbell

I just wanted to take this time to thank you. The students thoroughly enjoyed working with and watching such a fine group of professionals in action. It was nothing like what they had anticipated or have ever done before. You all were an inspiration to the students.

Candace Collins


C-TEC Criminal Justice Instructor

Great Experience! I just wanted to thank you and comment on how great the training was. Training occurred at an annual symposium for our Emergency Medicine Residency, and was geared towards new physicians in the field of Emergency Medicine and the tactical/EMS side of pre-hospital care. Not only was the lecture material extremely interesting, it was a great lesson in the types of actions tactical providers/first responders will be providing prior to hospital arrival. The course was well conducted and the instructor provided up to date information regarding patient care. We had also spent time running drills outside which was a blast. I would recommend this course material to anyone interested and it definitely applied to those who are involved in the field.

Bob Culley, M.D.

I have been blessed to be able to train with Troy Lowe and his team twice in active shooting events. Troy brings a complete knowledge of what it takes to make it through these events. Troy brings his military training along with his law enforcement and fire safety together to share a very unique look into one of these events. I feel with Troy’s training I am much better prepared if I was ever in an active shooter situation to make it out to the other side. I will be signing up for more courses in the future with Troy and his team.

Denny Vorhees

VIPSS Franklin County Sheriffs Office

The instructor was energetic and enthusiastic about his topic. I thought there was a lot of good info given to us.

S. Wilson

Juvenile Probation Officer

Licking County

It was a great and productive day! The training class was very informative and hands on. Everyone was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. The very stressful nature of the day was handled in a way to put everyone at ease.

T. Shaefter


Watkins Memorial High School

One of the best inservices I have attended in my career of 30+ years. Thank you!

L. Marcelain


Utica High School

This was an awesome and eye-opening experience! Thank you all for your hard work. Troy was way enthusiastic!

T. Bartlett

Department Clerk

Licking County

The instructor was great! Helpful, honest, informative.

A. Broska

Intervention Specialist

Watkins Memorial High School

The hands-on demonstration of the problems with our current lock-down procedure was helpful. It was great to learn the practical, straight-forward medical advice for saving a person with traumatic wounds.

K. Stalling


Utica High School

The instructors did a great job. Compelling participants to do hands-on training and they didn’t just go through the motions.

J. Mitchell

Deputy Clerk

Licking County

I loved how they gave us practical solutions for problems by using things that are already in my classroom.

C. Elder


Watkins Memorial High School

The trauma of a school shooting is eye-opening and makes you more aware of your surroundings. The hands-on training and medic training are invaluable to the district.


Guidance Counselor

Utica High School

The whole class was well presented. I enjoyed learning the sequence of events in medical training (legs then arms then chest). Also enjoyed the practical experience that I now have more confidence in using.

A. Slone

Records Clerk

Licking County