The Original BITT KIT

The Original BITT KIT

Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS are responding to tragic attacks faster than ever. But as fast as they respond, none will beat the person who is already on scene. It’s the on scene teachers, students, School Resource Officers, businessmen and women who with the proper equipment and guidance can now save the life of a wounded person who otherwise may not survive without rapid medical intervention. The BITT KIT is targeted directly for those everyday people who have limited emergency medical training.

Silverback Safety & Training’s BITT KITS have been developed to aid in traumatic injuries and assist you in saving lives. The Original BITT KIT has direct applications for adults and children in schools, businesses, daycares, conference centers, military recruitment centers, stadiums and arenas, your home as well as private or public gun ranges and even the trunk of your car. Basically, The Original BITT KIT is useful to assist you in saving lives wherever people may gather and have suffered injuries from the result of an active intruder or other catastrophic events. Having a background in emergency medicine can certainly be useful, but The Original BITT KITT was designed following proven protocols and written in a manner to guide those with little to no medical background thru life saving steps to help you save lives.

A person’s fine motor skills will be lost in times of high stress. The Original BITT KIT can help compensate for that. Here’s how: There is a large removable instruction sheet that takes the user step-by-step with simple wording and pictures on the “how to” for the life-saving treatments. The separate components are – ARMS/LEGS, CHEST/BACK, HEAD/NECK and BELLY/MISCELLANEOUS. This takes away the guessing game of what to use where … match the wounds to the pictures to the pockets where the life-saving gear is stored. This kit comes with commercial gear to treat numerous wounds on multiple patients. The pocket gussets were purposely designed larger to add in more commercial or improvised gear as you see fit. The provided contents in each marked pocket will treat the wounds on those areas. But, keep in mind much of these supplies are multipurpose and cross over to treat multiple wounded areas. The extra-large front pouch contains additional info and templates you can add or use alone as templates, larger trauma dressing and identifier for those wounded.

  • STOP the bleeding:
    • Multiple tourniquet options (both commercial and improvised)
    • Multiple trauma dressings
    • Large trauma dressing
    • Multiple cravats
    • Multiple options with gauze, ABD’s, kling roll, elastic roll
    • Gloves
  • FIX the breathing:
    • Multiple chest seal options (commercial and improvised)
    • Tape
    • Gloves
  • ENORMOUS FRONT POCKET containing Emergency Operations Templates, Injured vs non-injured card (red/green), tarp and multi-trauma dressing with PLENTY OF ROOM to store additional equipment per user preference.
  • Large poster with step-by-step directions walking the user thru the treatments following proven protocols and guidance for communication with outside EMS.
  • Guides to aid in supplementation of EOP plan directed to classrooms and administration
  • Green/Red identifier for injured or non-injured
  • Scissors
  • Multiple rolls of tape in various sizes
  • Tarp for dragging, protection from window glass, privacy
  • Emergency Blanket
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Customer Testimonials
The BITT products are perfect for schools, churches, or any public building. The equipment content and size make it very practical for a multiple of settings. What separates the BITT products from the competition is the simple interpretation of the instructions in a time of crisis. Whether it’s using the commercial devices or improvising with the kit, it guides you fast and simple. Any chance to train with Troy and his team will be time well spent, Great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Lt. Brock Lemmon, FF/Medic Seville Fire Dept.
I had the pleasure of meeting Troy at a Medical class in Youngstown, Ohio. Troy’s Background, knowledge & Gear of what it takes to make it through violent/traumatic events. He has simplified trama kits that a person with no medical background can access and treat others effectively. I will be purchasing these kits for my work and home. I will also be signing up for courses in the future with Troy.
Patrick Campbell
The trauma of a school shooting is eye-opening and makes you more aware of your surroundings. The hands-on training and medic training are invaluable to the district.
Anonymous (Guidance Counselor), Utica High School
“I recommend the BITT KIT as the “go to” trauma bag for both the experienced medic and anyone who may face a medical emergency for the first time. The ingenious design, organizing each pocket by body part, makes it quick and easy to find the needed supplies. BITT KIT is the perfect tool to sustain life until help arrives.”
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Author of On Combat and On Killing and Internationally recognized law enforcement and school safety trainer.