The Pro Hunter BITT KIT


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The Pro Hunter BITT KIT

The Pro Hunter BITT KIT is designed to aid in the treatment of life threatening injuries sustained by a hunter / outdoorsman in the field. The kit can also be utilized outside the field if life threatening injuries occur on the way to or from the hunt.

The kit itself is designed to be utilized in many different ways. It can be worn on the leg, arm, on your belt, on buttstock of your rifle, off saddle, carried in your game pouch, in your cargo pocket, on ATV, in your backpack or wherever you decide works best for you. The top shelf, effective, user friendly contents are both commercial and field expedient and are designed to treat life threatening injuries. The included step by step directions with pictures follow TECC guidelines. The orange carrier is easy to spot when time is a factor as well as being weather resistant. The carrier can be used as an additional pressure dressing on certain wounds or to help with “buddy splinting” on lower extremities. The pouches and loops allow room for adding/swapping in whatever you choose for other non-life-threatening injuries.

The Pro Hunter BITT KIT is an essential life- saving tool to have for any outdoorsman and especially for any guides and outfitters going deep into the wilderness where help isn’t as simple as a phone call and quick extraction.

Bottom line is that The Pro Hunter BITT KIT can save lives when the unexpected injuries hit.

  • The carrier itself can be utilized as an additional pressure bandage to cover a commercial or improvised dressing as it will wrap around an arm or leg, secure on itself and snugly hold everything in place. The carrier can also be used as a short term splint for joint stabilization; situation dependent. (bleeding)
  • Step-by-Step instruction sheet with pictures sitting behind a plastic cover. This cover can be used for larger blowouts, belly wounds etc. (bleeding/breathing)
  • Behind the instructions is an additional 5 x 9 dressing, zip-tie and cravat. The cravat is multi-purpose (tourniquet, sling, bandage). Combine it with the zip-tie and you’re 2/3 into a field expedient tourniquet. (bleeding)
  • SWAT-T: This NTOA approved tool can be used as a tourniquet, pressure dressing or all-purpose wrap. It will work on adults, kids and K-9s. (bleeding)
  • Beacon Vented Chest Seal (breathing)
  • Petroleum Gauze pad as a backup chest seal (breathing)
  • 42 inches of flat tape
  • 2 inch roll of kling gauze wrap (bleeding)
  • Emergency Blanket (hypothermia, signal, shelter)
  • Multiple 4 x 4’s (bleeding)
  • Pressure dressing with 4 inch pad and ties to secure on itself (bleeding)
  • Gloves to keep off the Nasty
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Hunting related injuries are common and so is hoping you’re not the one who suffers a life threatening injury… but hope is not an effective strategy for survival.

The Pro Hunter BITT KIT can save your life. That being said, Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc. highly recommends you take an approved wilderness survival / first aid training course.


Safe Hunting,

Silverback Staff

“I think this is a good thing to have on hand. You never
know when accidents can happen in real life.”
Brad Snow, Owner of Killinbuck Outfitters & Brad Snow Logging