The Protector BITT KIT

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The Protector BITT KIT

The Tactical BITT KIT is designed to treat life –threatening gunshot and/or traumatic injuries. It’s a multi-optional carrying system inside and out. It can be worn on the extremities, vest, belt, or in a cargo pocket. It can be carried in your pack, around the buttstock of your long gun and can fit on your headrest, visor or in your glovebox. These contents treat the preventable causes of death with both commercial and field expedient back-ups using proven protocols. We know that “medical memory” fades in between trainings and that’s why this kit comes with step-by-step directions (with pictures) on the “how to”. Multiple pockets and elastic bands on the carrier allow for swapping content and/or adding gear if you choose.

  • The carrier itself can be utilized as an additional pressure bandage to cover a commercial or improvised dressing as it will wrap around an arm or leg, secure on itself and snugly hold everything in place. The carrier can also be used as a short term splint for joint stabilization; situation dependent. (bleeding)
  • Step-by-Step instruction sheet with pictures sitting behind a plastic cover. This cover can be used for larger blowouts, belly wounds etc. (bleeding/breathing)
  • Behind the instructions is an additional 5 x 9 dressing, zip-tie and cravat. The cravat is multi-purpose (tourniquet, sling, bandage). Combine it with the zip-tie and you’re 2/3 into a field expedient tourniquet. (bleeding)
  • SWAT-T: This NTOA approved tool can be used as a tourniquet, pressure dressing or all-purpose wrap. It will work on adults, kids and K-9s. (bleeding)
  • Beacon Vented Chest Seal (breathing)
  • Petroleum Gauze pad as a backup chest seal (breathing)
  • 42 inches of flat tape
  • Pressure dressing with 4 inch pad and ties to secure on itself (bleeding)
  • Gloves to keep off the Nasty
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Customer Testimonials
The BITT products are perfect for schools, churches, or any public building. The equipment content and size make it very practical for a multiple of settings. What separates the BITT products from the competition is the simple interpretation of the instructions in a time of crisis. Whether it’s using the commercial devices or improvising with the kit, it guides you fast and simple. Any chance to train with Troy and his team will be time well spent, Great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Lt. Brock Lemmon, FF/Medic Seville Fire Dept.
I have been blessed to be able to train with Troy Lowe and his team twice in active shooting events. Troy brings a complete knowledge of what it takes to make it through these events. Troy brings his military training along with his law enforcement and fire safety together to share a very unique look into one of these events. I feel with Troy’s training I am much better prepared if I was ever in an active shooter situation to make it out to the other side. I will be signing up for more courses in the future with Troy and his team.
Denny Vorhees, VIPSS Franklin County Sheriffs Office
Great Experience! I just wanted to thank you and comment on how great the training was. Training occurred at an annual symposium for our Emergency Medicine Residency, and was geared towards new physicians in the field of Emergency Medicine and the tactical/EMS side of pre-hospital care. Not only was the lecture material extremely interesting, it was a great lesson in the types of actions tactical providers/first responders will be providing prior to hospital arrival. The course was well conducted and the instructor provided up to date information regarding patient care. We had also spent time running drills outside which was a blast. I would recommend this course material to anyone interested and it definitely applied to those who are involved in the field.
Bob Culley, M.D.