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Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc.

Troy Lowe

CEO / SWAT Medic


Troy Lowe is a professional who has dedicated his life to protecting and healing those who are defenseless, ill or wounded. Troy is what’s known as a “triple-hatter” with a background in military, fire and law enforcement. He has worked all over the U.S. and in multiple countries across the world, with tasks ranging from treatment of malaria-stricken villagers to humanitarian missions after natural disasters to treatment of ill and wounded military personnel downrange.

Troy is both an instructor and an operator functioning with his area’s SWAT team. When not on mission with the SWAT team or on duty at the fire department, Troy can be found teaching his BITT training courses, including BITT Active Shooter and BITT Law Enforcement. Troy has trained various governmental and military entities, as well as fire, EMS and police personnel – both locally and nationally. He is the owner of Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc. and a member of the instructor cadre for Tri-Med Tactical and Global Options and Solutions.


Troy has also enjoyed sharing his expertise and experiences by becoming an author and mentor.

The BITT training course has been taught to thousands of teachers, workplaces, law enforcement professionals, and Fire/EMS personnel with fantastic responses!

Some of the organizations that have been a part of our BITT training courses:

  • Lakewood Local Schools
  • Heath City School
  • Licking Valley Schools
  • Southwest Local Schools/Watkins
  • Granville Village Schools
  • Licking County Board of Developmentally Disabled
  • Northfork Local Schools/Utica
  • Licking County Government Agencies
  • Denison University Staff
  • The Citadel
  • Watkins High School
  • Zane State Community College
  • Ohio University Zanesville
  • Johnstown Local Schools



Troy is the owner of Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc. which focuses on protecting and empowering everyday people with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive a catastrophic event.

He is the inventor of “The Barracuda Intruder Defense System” to help protect schools and offices from an active attacker scenario. This is one of the easiest products to use and an effective device to securely barricade an entry point.

Troy has used his real world experiences to develop the BITT Training program, or “Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment”. This program emphasizes outside-the-box thinking – utilizing improvised medicine to effectively save lives with everyday supplies available in a work or school environment.


Silverback Instructors


At Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc. we are privileged to have an Instructor cadre who bring decades of real world experience to the training we offer to you. Our Instructors come in the form of SWAT/SRT Operators and Medics with years of leadership and experience from the Fire/EMS side of response. Our medical director, who has ties with multiple governmental agencies, is simply top notch and ensures that all of the current TCCC/TECC info we pass to you is squared away.

These Instructors not only teach the courses, they are each currently serving in the positions they are teaching. Not so much “a been there, done that” philosophy, but a “been there, and doing it NOW” approach.

At Silverback, we understand and agree that there is a certain amount of basic core knowledge that must be mastered. So don’t be surprised when we challenge your minds to truly grasp the “how’s and why’s” of what we will demand in your physical performance. We feel the bulk of the learning is captured through hands on repetition with a little sensory overload tossed in where appropriate. We challenge you with multiple scenarios, help you define the problems and then guide you towards multiple solutions that have been proven to be effective in the real world.

You won’t leave the training as Ninja’s, SWAT Operators or scholars, but you will leave with a much better understanding, confidence, and some new skills to make you better at your chosen craft.

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