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C.L.A.S.P. - Citizens Lifesaving And Survival Program


Our focus at Silverback Safety and Training Solutions is to provide life-saving training along with the necessary gear and equipment needed to survive a Mass Casualty Incident. From Businesses, Schools and Churches to Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS………. We provide dynamic and engaging training courses that are specifically designed for you and your team. The training programs are designed to help you make quick, effective decisions in challenging real to life scenarios that will increase your ability to save those around you as well as yourself.

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TECC / RTF Training


Now we go next level for Law Enforcement, FD/EMS, Security and First Responders/EMR’s for larger corporations. This training brings in a higher level of medical interventions based on tried and true TECC principles along with hammering home the concepts of RTF such as Unified Command, Casualty Collection Points, MARCHE & S.T.A.R.T. as triage tools and the deployment of the RTF teams into the “warm zone”. Most often these courses are filled with a combination of Law Enforcement/Security and FD/EMS and EMR’s. We will all be working together to save lives when the event occurs, so it just makes sense to train together.

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STS (Surviving The Shot) Training

For Law Enforcement & Security Officers

A common sense HANDS ON training to treating LOD GSW and blast injuries common sense HANDS ON training to treating LOD GSW and blast injuries.

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