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Upcoming Training Events
2022 UPCOMING March- Radnor Day two Rescue Task Force

June- OTOA

Chevron - TECC/ RTF two day and refresher. Dates TBD

Budweiser- One day SASA Dates - TBD


August- working with MISSION 10-42/ Surviving the Shot / Maryland

Download our Surviving The Shot and TECC/RTF Training Flyers
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Mission 10 42
Mission 10-42

Radnor FD CC Training
Training Course

Surviving The Shot Traning
One Day Course

Silverback Safety Surviing The Shot Nelsonville Ohio 2021 11 06
One Day Course

North American Rescue Resucitation Timing 2021 11 04
Resuscitation Timinig

Casandras Curse Disasters Revisited 2021 11 21
Disasters Revisited

Active Shooter Coming To A Theater Near You 2021 1 21
Coming to a Theater Near You?

Silver Back Training Nelsonville Ohio Safety
One Day Course

DCEMS Round 4 of TECC RT Training
DCEMS Round 4 of TECC/RT

Silverback Safety Training Protector II IFAK BITT Kit 1a

Dr Kathy Patoni SBS
A HUGE THANK to Delaware EMS Class #1 for hosting SILVERBACK in the first of several TECC/RTF courses for their area.

Silverback Safety Training New Course
This past weekend SILVERBACK STS trained with multiple area LE Departments on our SURVIVING THE SHOT course.

Oregon District Mass Shooting Links to Interviews and Articles

American Institute Stress Kathy Platoni
Wake up America! Honoring Our Heroes and Protectors
Kathy Platoni, Psy.D

National Human Trafficking Hotline
Human Trafficking Hotline

Active Shooter Incident Topical One Pager
Active Shooter Incidents: Topical One-Pagers, 2000 - 2018

Attend one of our Tactical Emergency Casualty Care/ Rescue Task Force Trainings to be better prepared when that day comes.


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Silverback Safety Training Chevron Fire Department
May 22nd, 2019

Silverback Safety IFAK Gift West Virginia
IFAKS were delivered to the Vienna, WV police chief today.

Silverback Safety Logan Safety Training Session 1.JPG
Logan County first responders go through crisis training

Tech Ohio Silver Back Safety Products
Silverback Safety Products Can Help Save Lives