Course - TEMS Awareness



Course Duration: One day

Target Audience: Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS

Instructor(s): SWAT Operators/Medics

Course Description: This basic intro into tactical medicine gives the student an idea of what it would be like to serve as a medic on a SWAT or special response team. We teach you the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) basics, then hit you with hands on application of the knowledge we just put into your melon in multiple scenarios. It’s taught by current SWAT Medics and Operators.

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What Others Are Saying About This Course

This is the most comprehensive and intense training I have ever taken.

I lead a group of about 18 Emergency Medical Responders (bottom rung of the EMS ladder) here at Honda Transmission Mfg., a company of about 1500 Associates.

This is the most comprehensive and intense training I have ever taken.

In my training history, we sit in a class room and listen to instruction and then sitting there, we practice what we we’ve been lectured on, until class is over. This training applies it all, in an aggressive manner. Lecture comes first and then, aggressive, hands on application of the lectured items, returning to class room for discussion of what was learned.

The labs are also extremely hands on. Troy and his team are extremely supportive in this training. My teams and I were unfamiliar with many of these countermeasures, because they are out of the norm for us. Silverback supported and showed the proper methods and then with guidance and repetition with the hands on methods. The exposure makes us better responders and helps us to better understand the proper methods. This training can make an average lay person a life saver.

Then the stress inoculation scenarios, allow a responder to take all the new skills and put them together in life saving simulations. Many responders feel over whelmed at first, because they’ve never been in such a stressful situation before. Through repetition and constant encouragement, a responder gets to where it all starts to come together for them. They are able to remember training, be calm, and apply the medicine to save lives.

At first my teams didn’t know what to expect and approached it as “another training class”. After taking the training, for an entire weekend, these teams are invigorated and ready for just about any scenario that could come our way. They have confidence in their newly acquired life-saving skills. These skills are also under constant consideration for the industrial environment. I can see the new knowledge applied in every day industrial settings.

Training with Silverback will make your rescue team more confident and more capable for any emergency response scene.

Greg Buxton

Honda Transmissions
Engineering Coordinator

Medical Team Captain

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  1. What would a going rate for a training be for 8 -10 swat operators in Gahanna?

    I’m trying to come up with some new training opportunities for our command to consider. I’m not certain we’d be able to.

    Any help is appreciated!

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