Campus Safety Days at OUZ and Zane State

Original Article:
Original Date: 10/20/2014
Original Author: Bill Hughes

102014 -

Students at OUZ and Zane State are spending Monday and Tuesday learning valuable safety techniques.

One of the speakers Monday is a medic with the Licking County Special Response Team. Troy Lowe started Silverback Safety & Training Solutions a few years ago to show people that anything around you can be used to help save a life. Monday at Campus Safety Days he talked about his Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment or BITT training.

“A lot of the active shooter trainings lack the medicine portion, so I wrote this up,” said Lowe. “It basically empowers the teachers and students to treat traumatic wounds based on the gear that they have around them.”

Lowe stressed the importance of what’s called the platinum ten minutes. This is the term used for the first ten minutes after a traumatic wound which could be the difference between life and death. It’s one of the reasons that he feels it’s important to teach people how to use every day objects as tools for a tourniquet or other life saving measures.

“He’s teaching us how to do it as fast as we can, improvise medicine anything you can find can help,” said Silverback’s intern, Shyanne Kulick. “It’s just anything around you would believe it could help you.”

There were three lessons Monday at Campus Safety Days and there will be three more Tuesday starting at 11 a.m. and running until 4 p.m. Anyone is welcome to go to the lessons.