Parents Raise Money To Purchase Barricade System For Schools

Original Article:
Original Date: 10/07/2014
Original Author: Kevin Landers

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ETNA, Ohio – There are 305 elementary classroom doors in the Southwest Licking School District.

The goal is to make sure none of them open should someone enter the schools with a gun.

Troy Lowe believes his invention will keep children alive, should an intruder open fire inside a school.

“There’s a shooting every two weeks. We define the problem and find a solution. Hope is not an effective strategy,” said Lowe.

His Barracuda Intruder Defense System is designed to prevent anyone coming in.

The Southwest Licking School District is behind the idea, and parents are raising money to buy the devices for the three elementary schools. Parents say the money is well spent to keep their kids safe.

“I don’t think it gives them a false sense of security, as long as they don’t have anything to worry about,” said one parent.

The cost of the barricade system runs from $100-$200. The organizer of the fundraiser to buy them says they’ve raised more than 50 percent of the funds to equip all school doors.

Lowe says FBI statistics show most school shootings last just minutes. He says training kids on how to be prepared for the worst is an unfortunate reality that schools must deal with.

“It kind of is a sad reality you can say we’re going to close our eyes and try to say you don’t see me but these guys are coming.”