The Original BITT KIT

Silverback Safety & Training’s BITT KITS have been developed to aid in traumatic injuries and assist you in saving lives. The Original BITT KIT has direct applications for adults and children in schools, businesses, daycares, conference centers, military recruitment centers, stadiums and arenas, your home as well as private or public gun ranges and even the trunk of your car. Basically, The Original BITT KIT is useful to assist you in saving lives wherever people may gather and have suffered injuries from the result of an active intruder or other catastrophic events. Having a background in emergency medicine can certainly be useful, but The Original BITT KITT was designed following proven protocols and written in a manner to guide those with little to no medical background thru life saving steps to help you save lives.

The Pro Hunter BITT KIT

This kit is designed to be utilized in many different ways. It can be worn on the leg, arm, on your belt, on buttstock of your rifle, off saddle, carried in your game pouch, in your cargo pocket, on ATV, in your backpack or wherever you decide works best for you. The top shelf, effective, user friendly contents are both commercial and field expedient and are designed to treat life threatening injuries. The included step by step directions with pictures follow TECC guidelines. The orange carrier is easy to spot when time is a factor as well as being weather resistant. The carrier can be used as an additional pressure dressing on certain wounds or to help with “buddy splinting” on lower extremities. The pouches and loops allow room for adding/swapping in whatever you choose for other non-life-threatening injuries.

The Tactical BITT KIT

The Tactical BITT KIT is designed to treat life –threatening gunshot and/or traumatic injuries. It’s a multi-optional carrying system inside and out. It can be worn on the extremities, vest, belt, or in a cargo pocket. It can be carried in your pack, around the buttstock of your long gun and can fit on your headrest, visor or in your glovebox. These contents treat the preventable causes of death with both commercial and field expedient back-ups using proven protocols. We know that “medical memory” fades in between trainings and that’s why this kit comes with step-by-step directions (with pictures) on the “how to”. Multiple pockets and elastic bands on the carrier allow for swapping content and/or adding gear if you choose.

The Barracuda Intruder Defense System

  • Fast and easy; installs in a matter of seconds
  • Securely locks an entry point in a lock-down situation
  • Free-standing device (not permanently attached to door)  can be easily transferred to another access point
  • No maintenance or installation costs required
  • Less expensive than locksets and much more  secure than small, inexpensive devices
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